With an established reputation as surveying partners, being at the forefront of sustainable architecture and the adaptive re-use of retired buildings is a role we take seriously. Our mission always to use our wide-ranging expertise to get every project right, the first time. And it’s why the UK Construction sector trust us.

What is Adaptive Re-Use Architecture?

Becoming more and more common, adaptive re-use architecture, is the process of repurposing buildings that have outlived their original purposes. A great example of this is the work we recently carried out on a dilapidated lodge in the heritage town of Oxford.

Oxfordshire is world famous for its stunning ‘Old English’ architecture and iconic university buildings. Furthering bolstering the argument for a need to restructure and re-purpose old, out of use properties.

For this project our biggest challenge was the state in which this particular building had been left. The long out of use lodge was completely overgrown and had been boarded-up for quite some time. Making it especially tricky to tackle, as access and visual ability were hugely limited.

Cost Effective and Conscientious

The conscientious re-purposing of any out of use property is extremely beneficial for the environment as by conserving natural resources the need for new materials is minimised. However, with the estimated cost of error in the UK construction industry ranging from around the 10-25% mark it was vital that we were able to tackle this project flawlessly and with paramount efficiency.

Our vast experience of such projects meant that we were able to approach this particular set up with relative ease, using measures such as a full temporary lighting set-up to carry out our assessment and survey. As a company we thrive from our repeat business with each survey acting as a legacy for the next.