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Omega Geomatics Announces New Name and Brand Identity

On 3rd October, 2019, at this year’s Kent Construction Expo, Kent’s leading measured building surveying company officially changed its name to OmegaGeo. It was fitting occasion for a such a bold move.

“The needs of our customers have changed considerably over the past 10 years, so adopting a new name and brand identity is a logical step in our growth strategy,” said David Keohane, Director at OmegaGeo. “However, we have very strong traditional values that need to be maintained – those of quality and trust – so it’s essential that the reputation we have built isn’t lost in the process.”

“OmegaGeo expresses how we have evolved as a company as well as our vision for the future – a company that seeks to improve the way the UK construction industry works, as well as the lives of the people within it.”

OmegaGeo is a natural evolution of the company name that connotes a trusted professional friend rather than a faceless corporate organisation, to reflect the focus that the company has on both current and future customers. It’s a contemporary name with dynamic expression that upholds the positioning as a trusted industry leader. Linking ‘Omega’ and ‘Geo’ has given extra clarity for the brand across all touch points and media, ensuring a comfortable fit in an increasingly digital age.

OmegaGeo expresses how we have evolved as a company as well as our vision for the future – a company that seeks to improve the way the UK construction industry works, as well as the lives of the people within it.

David KeohaneOmegaGeo Director

The evolution of the logo has enjoyed a little more creative freedom. Each tick represents the three pillars of the company’s core values: quality, efficiency, and trust. Encapsulating the overall rebranding strategy, the new logo strips away all the noise and clutter of the old, ensuring a clear brand promise.

The colour palette and corporate colour, orange, was deliberately chosen for its bold quality. The intention was to help the brand stand out from its competitors, to demonstrate the company’s mission to be an industry leader, producing effective solutions to challenging problems.

“When thinking of our positioning, I was very mindful of my vision for the future. We needed to keep our focus on our core values of quality, efficiency, and trust. Representing the surveying sector as members of GIRI (Get it Right Initiative), these are the things that are vital in changing the culture and attitudes to quality and productivity in UK Construction.”

The rebranding process was led by DayOne Design Studio, and supported by consumer survey research and analysis. The research results provided a clear understanding of the priorities for Omega’s customers: quality and trust.

David Keohane recalled: “When we first started, we were a small company offering a skilled service, using new technology. We really made a difference to our customers. Today, however, so many new companies have been set up, who unfortunately don’t always have the experience, skills and training required to stand back and conduct a proper assessment of a project in its entirety. The result is that we often get urgent calls to fix problems that have occurred, often causing unnecessary delays and added project costs. If things are going to improve in construction, our customers need to be able to recognise a firm who they can trust to get on with job, and get it right first time. This is our commitment to our customers, and our responsibility to the wider industry.”

OmegaGeo welcome you to their new brand. While their promise to provide you with a trusted industry-leading service remains, their appetite to innovate and build is stronger than ever. 

Put your trust in them to Get it Right!

OmegaGeo | December 2019 | Omega Geomatics Announces New Name and Brand Identity

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